About us

Jellyfish is a concept by Basja Chanowski (Owner of Più Music www. piumusic.com) that originated in Schiermonnikoog in 2013. Artists from all kinds of genres, of all ages, from young talent to international players: well-known names come together on one stage to work together on one concert.
Because of this diversity on stage, there is a very wide audience that visits our concerts.
In addition to the concerts, talents are scouted, trained, and coached by Basja. Jelllyfish helps as part of the training to gain practical experience, to learn from the professionals on stage, and to inspire each other. This formula has brought many talents far, including three winners of The Voice of Holland (Julia Zahra, Maan and Jim van der Zee)
Jellyfish is organized in various forms. For example, several concerts are given on Schiermonnikoog in one year. From small concerts with new talents to large events at the Berkenplas (largest lake on the island) with well-known Dutch artists.
Jellyfish is also booked as a concept by various parties. The customer can indicate which themes / genres are desired, after which a tailor-made performance is provided. Jellyfish is booked at home and abroad for events of:
Boston Consulting Group
Triodos Bank
and many others.

Over the years there has been a nice upward trend in the development of Jellyfish. More and more (guest) artists want to participate in our concerts. Due to the corona situation, Jellyfish started experimenting with streaming for the first time in the winter of 2020. Through the professional means and the efforts of many great parties, this has led to a beautiful broadcast of two hours, with well-known artists and a lot of interaction with our audience at home, who could send WhatsApp messages during the concert.
The broadcast can be seen and listened to here
What was particularly striking is the number of lonely people who sent so many heartwarming messages. After all the experiences, Jellyfish wants to focus more on online events, the interaction with the public, and build a social / educational platform around it to better connect, inspire, and thus be able to add meaning to the lives of more and more people. The development is not so much in creating mega events, but in the unique and personal character of the events. Achieving great range by staying ‘small’, intimate, and concentrated.


This creative platform becomes its own world. An experience for the visitor where, in addition to the live concert that can be visited and the stream of that concert, related services and information are shared and where one can find products to send to each other – such as flowers, drinks box etc. – to make the connection. Our online concerts are for all target groups and therefore also for target groups that normally cannot easily visit a concert. Think of the disabled, the elderly, the less fortunate, sick people, etc.
Ultimately, Jellyfish also wants to direct its attention to education. An education that starts with becoming aware of yourself and your environment, and benefiting both, for which our platform offers tools. This stems from Basja’s coaching practice and the breeding ground for the new talents of Jellyfish: world heritage area Schiermonnikoog. This beautiful place allows us to be closer to ourselves and closer to nature.
In addition to this online platform, the live concerts will of course also continue to exist. The intention is to eventually make a combination of live concerts that will be streamed at the same time. In order to portray these live concerts beautifully and to give our visitors a pleasant experience on site, we want / need to invest in various things. If you want to contribute to our goals, go to ‘become a friend’ and join us.

Artists (+guest artists)

Below is a selection of our artist group, that is constantly expanding. There are now about 80 artists in our collective:

  • Sister Sledge
  • Bert Visscher
  • Roel van Velzen
  • Paul de Munnik
  • Bertolf Lentink
  • Daan Boom
  • Rolf Sanchez
  • Leonie Meijer
  • Roel Taste
  • Oene van Geel
  • Berend van den Berg (pianist of Chet Baker)
  • Dwight Muskita (percussionist of Stevie Wonder)


Jellyfish is a concept by Basja Chanowski that originated in Schiermonnikoog in 2013. Artists from all kinds of genres, of all ages, from young talent to international players: well-known names come together on one stage to work together on one concert.

Wim Bos

Basja Chanowski
Artist scout & coach
Concept developer
Creative & Musical Director

Yvonne Schellekens
Graphic designer
Web developer