Location : Schiermonnikoog, on the main land or online

Being a professional artist/musician can be a challenge: finding enough work, but not too much; finding the right atmosphere to work in, and/or finding the people you want to work with. Apart from the practical side of the job, the emotional aspect — of protecting yourself ánd your talent, how to find the balance between needing acknowledgement from the outside world and staying true to yourself at the same time — can be complicated.

We offer two types of live & career coaching. A combination is possible as well.

A list of the benefits both coaching approaches offer:

Understand yourself and your talents better;
Preparing yourself for an upcoming (TV)show/event;
Surmount obstacles, make decisions and solve problems creatively;
Integrate body, mind and spirit;
Find relief from tension and chronic pain;
Be independent from external belief systems.

Coaching 1- The self-confident artist/ musician

This coaching program will help you find a balance between your talent, presentation, business skills and social skills.

You will learn how to optimize these four elements, and how to integrate them into your work and even into your daily life.

With this program you will get to the roots of obstacles you experience in your work. Together we will see what solutions suit you best.

What to expect

On the surface we can simply help you find solutions when it comes to enlarging your network, sharing experience, offering new ideas, etc. The obstacle we see most is ‘The Image’: 
we create images to please others around us or to protect ourselves from rejection.

This process starts early, when you are still young and it develops over the years, although in different ways for every person.

Being an artist or a musician is a difficult job when it comes to the ‘image’, because it is all about being heard and/or seen.

As an artist you depend entirely on the judgment of your audience so you needs a well-balanced persona, both off-stage and behind the cameras, to keep up with the expectations people have.

An interesting question to ask yourself here is : Is the ‘you’, the way you want to be seen, the ‘you’ you really are? And if not, how destructive can that self-protected, self-created ‘you’ be? 
We will help you see how important, effective and constructive it is to stay true to yourself, face yourself, accept yourself, so that from that position you can find a balance, which will then help you optimize your talent, your presentation, your business and your social skills.

By not being true to yourself and instead live this ‘image’ of who and what you think people want you to be you can make you feel lonely, misunderstood, not seen and not heard, but in fact this is not what other people do to you of course. This is what you do to yourself.

By confronting you with these images you created to survive, you will learn how to use them wisely and more consciously while getting to know yourself better and be more self-conscious.


Coaching 2- The focused artist/musician

Basically what you learn is how to disconnect the mind from the body for a moment and focus on what your body wants to tell you. Focusing lets you recognize that your body has a memory of its own, different from the brain memory. This skill is interesting and useful to learn because your body cannot lie or hide things the way your mind always does. 
You just ‘feel’ what your body is telling you and the Focusing trainer helps you to stay focused and guides you through this process.

What to expect

Ultimately Focusing is a form of meditation in which you actively confront yourself with what is really going on.

When doing Focusing, you silently ask yourself: “How am I feeling right now?” And in a friendly way you get to the roots of fear, anger or whatever may come up.
 Maybe a comfortable and reassuring idea is that you don’t have to share those feelings if you don’t want to.

Perhaps you feel just fine. Or perhaps there is something getting in the way of you feeling fine. That inside place might not respond quickly, but it does respond. It will give you a bodily sensation that is richer and more complex than a simple ‘feeling good’ or ‘feeling bad’.

Focusing can become an affordable resource for all moments you want to be in touch with your true feelings, with your intuition and with the wisdom that your body can give you.

It is one of the fastest ways to get rid of restraints or stumbling blocks in your profession.


– from 85,- euro ex. VAT – approximately 1 hour – online

– from 150,- euro ex. VAT –  approximately 2 hours – live in Haarlem

– from 300,- euro ex. VAT – approximately 4 hour per day – live on Schiermonnikoog (accomodation possible from 50,- ex VAT per night)

* Depending on your personal situation it is possible to achieve your goal in just one session.

* Intake € 85,- for the introduction and intake together live