Warm winter jazz

This winter there will be no concert in De Stag (our local theatre) But we do organize lovely, cosy jazz music at various restaurant on the island. We are working on progressive changes within Jellyfish [...]

Jellyfish & Climate

To ensure a healthy future for all life on earth, we have to reset the way we treat the limited resources on earth – in the ground, on the ground, in the sea and in [...]

Jellyfish on a mission

Jellyfish on a mission Music binds us! With our Jellyfish collective we connect various artists of different genres by inviting them on one stage. From young talent until known international artists of all age are [...]

“Jellyfish is pure and I just love it. Fantastic musicians and singers!”


“Wonderful! What a talent, what a positive vibes and what a beautiful new website. Looking forward to a next time. Thanks everyone.”


“An amazing experience! A joy to watch online! It felt like I was there and not in my living room anymore. Merci!”


“Incredible, what a great diversity of talent and genres! I enjoyed this unique stream so much. Thank you all! x



Tickets from our ticket shop are available as soon as we will announce our next event. Reservations for our summer concerts at Paviljoen Paal 3 can be made via or buy your ticket at the entrance at the day of the concert.


Jellyfish is a concept that can be booked at a location of your choice. In addition to diverse artists and genres we can provide you with the organization of your whole production. Both live and streaming are options or a hybride vorm. Please contact us for more information via