Jelly family

Jellyfish has lived for many years by virtue of the commitment and cooperation of many islanders, island-related parties, various artists, and the help from dear friends. Many of our artists participate voluntarily or for low pay. Now is the time to take Jellyfish to the next level.

Our online concerts are a first step. A second step will be the ‘hybrid concerts’. These are concerts where live visitors are present and which will also be streamed. In addition, we would like to further develop in order to optimize our concerts in terms of image, sound, locations, and experience.

For the educational plan (see ‘Climate mission’), we are in contact with various parties and working together on innovative ideas. In order to be able to take this all further and to be able to compensate our contributors, a larger budget is needed.

We sincerely hope that you will support us by making a donation via the QR code.

In this way we can organize various beautiful musical events for many years to come.

You can hold your phone’s camera near the QR code or double-click on the QR code button. Many thanks in advance on behalf of the entire Jellyfish team ?