Jellyfish on a mission

Music binds us!

With our Jellyfish collective we connect various artists by inviting them from different genres on one stage. From young talent up till known International artist of every age are working together during this concert supporting each other. Our own organized concerts take place in different, intimate, natural settings. Like this we can involve our audience as well. Our concept gets booked too and brought us already to various European countries at unique settings in Lapland (Finland), Sweden, Germany etc. 

We strive for high quality and an organization in the most sustainable way. 

In addition to our own created musical world we would like to share more of our philosophy as well. 

Where school education is not alway accurate, gouvenerments mostly speak in riddles and make it sound like a blind eye to people suffering we would like to use our platform to speak up and say what needs to be said to mobilize more people to do something. To gain awareness we think it could be very helpful if artists use their fame to inform and inspire their audience. Like this we might be able to reach a new group of people as well. There is no time to waist .

We are working on extending our website to create an online platform which  open doors to a lot of useful information that is difficult to find, or even unknown, for many. Like this we are reaching out to people who we will invite to be part of the solution and explain how they can change it for the better by little adjustments in their daily lives.